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Alevel FAQs

Top Questions Asked About IJMB.

Do you have any question concerning IJMB? Please go through this page. If your questions are yet to be answered, kindly contact us 

Q. What is IJMB?

A. IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board, It is a federal government approved programme moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Prior to the introduction of JAMB, IJMB is the only Examination body for candidate to gain admission into Nigerian universities. But now, we can say IJMB is a programme that aim to ease the students admission difficulties, as it’s easier to gain admission with it compared to others like JAMB, A’Level Cambridge, OND etc.

Q. Is IJMB Real?

A. Yes, IJMB is no news again to various Nigerian universities, as it serve as a means of securing admission into 200level, Candidate can confirm from JAMB brochure.

Q. Does IJMB Result Expire?

A. Yes, IJMB Certificate expires after seven (7) years.

Q. Is Tuition fee Install-mental Payment Allowed?

A. Yes, but 50% payment at first, The school fees will be paid at your chosen IJMB study centre when you resume for the programme.

Q. Can I Apply with a deficiency in my O’ level?

A. Yes, as candidate have the opportunity of writing any subject deficiency during their IJMB programme without necessarily writing another WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB. Also awaiting result applicant can apply.

Q. What Other Materials I Needs For The IJMB Program?

Ans. Your textbooks (ijmb textbook) and IJMB past questions. You can get recommended ijmb textbooks and pass question at your study centre depending on the three A level Subjects you choose for your choice of course. The textbooks are written by ijmb lecturers (lecturers that pass through the ijmb programme)

Ans 2. You need to come with your food items and other necessary personal belongings(you can get other materials when you get to your centre)

Q.Does It Mean If I Don’t Get Admission With IJMB After Running The Program Is A Waste?

Ans. No, IJMB is an impact you will forever felt in all through your lifetime. Because when you go through it, most things you will be thought in your year one and two will mostly be like a revision to you. If later you don’t get admission with it, is never being a waste. But, the possibility of you being admitted through IJMB in Nigeria institutions is very much higher than using JAMB.

Q.What Is The Possibility Of Gaining Admission With IJMB?

Ans. Very few students know about IJMB, Every year ABU Zaria registered less than 20,000 IJMB students comparing to JAMB that over 1.5 million students sat down for it annually. Comparing to universities, over 80 percent of federal universities accept IJMB including states while we all know that all universities accept JAMB but comparing them.

Q.I Don’t Have Mathematics and English Language In My O’ level?

Q.Well, if is just the two or one of the two you don’t have in your O level certificate, you have the opportunity of writing them during your IJMB programme,writing another WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB. Or IJMB O Level

 Q. How difficult Is IJMB Examination?

A. IJMB is more like your WAEC, NECO, GCE because it is an external exams in an advanced form, Our aim is for all interested candidate to pass in flying colors, to this effect all our Study centre facilities avails the students to better learning.

Q. How Can I register for IJMB?

A. Registration for IJMB is online on this website  with an application fee of #5,000 which is to be paid using your ATM Card. For Instruction Click here!

Q. Are There People Defrauding Candidate with IJMB?

A. Note that many educational institute/Individuals claim to be registering student for IJMB, some of these centres are not accredited, so be wise and don’t fall into their scam. Register with us today!

Q. Who Issues My IJMB Result/Certificate?

A. The IJMB Certificate is issued by the moderating body, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Q. Does IJMB Have an Official Website?

A. No, we serve as a legal entity partnering with various Accredited IJMB Study centres nationwide, with the sole aim of registering interested IJMB Candidate to various IJMB Centre that is closer to their location, that’s the fair advantage we have over others

Top Questions Asked About JUPEB.

  • What is JUPEB Official Website?
    The official JUPEB website is .
    • Why do we have different JUPEB websites online?
      It shoud be noted that JUPEB is moderated by University of Lagos (UNILAG), thus in a way to spread the operation ability and acceptability of the programme, It thereby gives affiliation to different other institutions among learning centers nationwide which come up with various website for promotion and registration of students for the programme.
      However, not all these study centres or website(s) are accredited or affiliated to be operating the programme. Thus we advise any prospective candidate to do their registration by themselves at their preferred JUPEB partnering University or Register through us.
    • How do i know genuine JUPEB website?
      Apart from the official website and the official websites of the affiliated universities, any other websites who claims to be JUPEB official website is only looking for victims to scam. Any website who fails to carry a registered brand name is scam. Do not deal with them!
    • Why do we have so many JUPEB examination failure? This is caused by applicants refusal to study in the right learning center either due to Ignorance, distance or financial budget.
    • I already applied for JAMB, can i still apply for JUPEB?
      Yes, this give such applicants multiple choice of admission.
    • How guaranteed is the admission into 200level? Basically, JUPEB is for the serious students, as yearly more than 90% of students who registered with us succesfully secure admission into their preferred university and course. Hence, our partnership with different institutions gives our applicants higher advantages.
  • When am I to pay my tuition fee?
    Tuition fee are to be paid either partly or in whole at applicant respective choosen study centres upon arrival for clearance and/or resumption. Thus, we encourage applicants to have financial possession of their fees before the clearance and/or resumption date on their registration printout.

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